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Catina's Suddenly Slimmer Wraps is a full service wrap that removes toxins from your body all while putting minerals in. You are wrapped tightly in bandages and your feet have bags on them so you can see the exchange coming out. The bandages force the fat cells to push out the stored fat and you skin is smoother and you loose inches. The Technology of the Wrap literally reshapes your body and you will continue to drop inches after you've had the wrap. This wrap is NOT a water weight loss because we encourage you to drink lots of water to continue to detox. 

Catina's Suddenly Slimmer body wraps deliver superior inch loss, improve the skin's look and feel, reduce cellulite and stretch marks, detoxify, infuse essential nutrients and give an energy boost as well as draw toxins out of the body! They are totally safe and do not dehydrate, we encourage you to drink lots of water after your wrap, therefore this is NOT a dehydration body wrap. 

It stays off as long as you don't gain weight. 


Before the wrap:

  • Expect 2 hours for your first wrap, we will measure before and after
  • Take a shower or bath the night before
  • The day of your wrap no soaps, oils, or lotions
  • Bring an extra bra and panty or swim suit to be wrapped in  
  • You may apply lotions after the wrap

After the wrap:

  • Preferably wait one day to take a shower, no bath
  • If you absolutely have to shower only take a shower and only soap the pits and parts
  • You will continue to detox days after the wrap and soap and shampoo will block your pores!


Individual wraps $99 per wrap

5 wrap package $95 per wrap + 1 FREE wrap 

10 wrap package $89 per wrap + 2 FREE wraps

20 wrap package $79 per wrap + 3 FREE wraps 

Ask about our payment plan options! 


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